Two-handed Spear

Last weekend I tried out a new weapon – the two-handed spear. I’ve been wanting to try it out for a while, for the simple reason that what I normally use (a long axe) isn’t a very competitive weapon, and I’m a little sick of not winning things. This was also partly why I picked up florentine (I’ve refined it now to an axe and mace), but I wasn’t exactly going to pass up an opportunity to try a new weapon 😛

Initially, it seemed pretty simple. Just poke it in eight points for the eights, and block the head shot as if I was using a long axe. Simple! And then the combat started…. We had a “loser stays in” round, and it soon transpired that there are two ways of fighting with a spear – I like to call them “grr, blargy-warg”, and “pokey pokey”. Not very technical, I know. In non-in-my-head-speak, the first involves a lot more wrestling with the spear, and the second is just poking, poking, and more poking. Turns out I’m pretty good at the pokey pokey way!

I think the hardest thing is remembering to be safe with it, so mainly having the back hand higher than the front hand so it won’t accidentally go into someone’s face. Although, once that’s cemented in your mind, it isn’t that difficult. Unless you have the group spears…. They’re insanely light and long, so they have a lot of bend in them. They literally wobble. It’s a little disconcerting trying to get someone on the side of their body, and the end of the spear decides you’re aiming somewhere else…..

Anyway, I think I’m going to end up buying one, as I enjoyed myself with it. And I’d be able to use it for a man-at-arms character, and not have to wear maille! Huzzah!


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