Too Much Re-enacting?

The answer to the title is of course “no!”, but there are points in life when you think “maybe I’ve done this a little too much”…

Mine was whilst watching Les Mis at the cinema.

It was a brilliant film, well worth the nominations at the Oscars. But what I loved was the historical detail – right down to Gavroche’s buttons.

This detail is what I’m talking about.

The first film night I organised was to watch Kingdom of Heaven, but we had to keep some people figuratively chained in case they went on a rant about the (relatively minor) historical innacuracies. This tends to go through to ANY film or book that we watch, read or even games. I had to have an argument about the “authenticity” of galleons being used as trade ships in bloody Skyrim (the conclusions was that it is fantasy, so it doesn’t really matter).

In my experience, this is because the people who I re-enact with genuinely love history – any history. My fiancee loves things to do with the English Civil War, and what I like to call the “Age of Empires” in Europe in the 18th century. I am somewhat obsessed with ancient history. Several friends of ours love both World Wars (as do most people in England, I have found). This makes watching films based in a historical period kind of difficult to watch. My fiancee hates watching 300 with me, because I go into full geek mode, and it’s the same with him and Waterloo and Dambusters.

Of course, this probably isn’t the case with most other re-enacting groups, but because our group is based on students who have access to a rather lovely library, if we really get the bug and don’t want to rely on wikipedia, we do have somewhere else to go and get the information we need. The ease of access means we can get a little over the top in terms of enthusiasm.

To say “over the top”, I don’t mean loving history and reading all the books. I mean getting married in historically accurate attire. Yes, this happens. There is nothing wrong with it, but personally I don’t want to get married in my smelly authentic stuff. That and the dress is TOTALLY unflattering.

I don’t know if this is just a natural progression from geeking out about something that everyone loves, or if it’s genuinely something unhealthy, but I don’t think I would change it for anything in the world. Given a choice, i would rather be overly enthusiastic over things that people actually did generations before half my DNA sequence was combined (technically incorrect, yes, but you get the gist), than live life just glued to a computer screen.


One comment on “Too Much Re-enacting?

  1. I used to think I was the wierd one in my family, then I asked my dad when an aeriel photo of the pub was taken – he dated it by a 4mm turquise dot that he claimed was a car made ina certain year, then admitted that he got really wound up when he watched ww2 films where the nazis drove american jeeps not manufactured until 1953,

    turns out nerdiness runs on both sides of my family

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