Return to Crafting

I haven’t done any crafting for re-enacting in a while. I’ve been caught up with other longer-term projects (mainly a cushion that I’ve been tapestry embroidering for over a year), university work, and I pretty much have a full set of men-at-arms kit anyway. At the moment I just need to make padded hoes and attach the maille, buy a proper full-face, and adjust my maille shirt so that I have full knight’s kit. Basically, I’m pretty set for a character, I just need to get a higher status character so that I can fully participate in the knight’s tourney’s that we have all Summer.

However, I have found an excuse to fit in more crafting! I have a module on Roman Luxury Arts & Crafts, and I had to do a presentation on clothing. What better excuse to make a Roman Early Imperial tunic?

In terms of making it, it was ridiculously simple. You basically take two rectangular pieces of cloth measuring roughly 1m x 1.5m, put them together, sew them up the shorter sides whilst leaving holes for the arms, and then across the top whilst leaving a hole for the head. Ta-da! You now have a Roman tunic – all you need now is a belt to cinch it in at the waist!

the more high-status ones had two thin purple stripes as well, one on either side of the head-hole, but to make that authentic you have to actually weave that into the fabric, and I have neither the time nor the money for that….

Hopefully this will re-ignite my crafting bug and I’ll finally get on with my padded maille legs…. Wish me luck!


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