The Trials and Tribulations of Room Bookings

The way Battle Re-enactment Society works is that we basically book rooms for free at the University Student Union building for the external group to come in and train us safely. This does not always go to plan, though.

This is more of a rant than an general post, because recently things have not been going to plan.

At my university, the student union sends out a form to book what rooms your society would like for the next term. This used to be on a first-come, first-served basis. This system worked, despite there being over 100 societies here. The system then changed to one of preference, meaning that the bigger societies that bring in money to the student union have managed to get the best rooms. These happened to be the rooms that have the most amount of space. Space that we need for pole arms.

This has led to our group only getting our craft sessions and really weird times on Sundays. Now, I understand that we’re quite lucky as a re-enactment group for having training sessions more than once a month, but we NEED two training sessions a week so that we can be safe with our weapons. This is not Civil War re-enactment.

Added to this problem, we have monthly film nights to show some films that are kind of relevant (tonight will be a screening of The Princess Bride). For this, you need to fill in a form for throw film to be approved, a room booking form, and an activity form to notify the student union of what you’re doing.

I filled all of these in, and I’m still waiting for approval of the room booking. The film night is tonight.

Amidst all of this, we of the committee have to keep a smile on our faces, pretend everything is going swimmingly, and try to stay calm.

Hopefully I won’t kill the student union, but from what I hear from other societies, they have been just as bad with everyone who doesn’t bring in reams of money.

The moral of this story? To make your societies or groups happy, think less about profit or efficiency, and think more about all of the groups involved.


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